For some reason I love the archival of this woman’s arrests, from cute to tragic

WIP – On the Easel

on the easel, I hope to finish this canvas soon!
on the easel, I hope to finish this canvas soon!

Here she is on the easel, I’ve been liking her more and more every day, since starting on this months ago, getting closer to finishing her. I haven’t worked on it for months, just picked it back up, and have a direction for it. Yesterday was a slow work day, was not focused early enough, had to do various things, got a late start. I hope to focus a lot better today. Wish me luck!!

Closeup of a something in progress

closeup of this painting I'm working on
closeup of this painting I’m working on

Started with acrylics over a charcoal under-drawing on an 8×10 inch canvas. I continued working on it with oils. I’ve been the sole person working on this very canvas, but it wouldn’t be what it will be if it weren’t Aldo. This is ultimately for BrokeBot.  Brokebot is my collab efforts with roomie, & best friend, Aldo Jeffrey. I intend for it to come out awesome when finished, I hope to finish it soon. I so want to be done with it. Today I woke up to rain, which is soothing, I let the light in from my window, and well the day continued to be gray, Now it is night time, I haven’t painted yet, but I will in a minute. More updates coming later. Thanks for looking.

Messin / Experimentin

this sounds so good right now. I don’t know how it’s archived but I hear that it is. I like this. It’s good for right now. This moment.


Worked on this tonight, This is it’s current stage. I’m trying to keep it loose, I’ve been into really tight rendering on planned out paintings. trying to loosen it up.  It’s still in progress.

work in progress from today, posted on flickr and forwarded to facebook.
work in progress from today, posted on flickr and forwarded to facebook.


I downloaded this picture from my forwarded facebook post from flickr. I got a notification on the flickr app, and accidentally clicked the camera instead of the other thing, and so I took this pic.

Is this finished

work in progress | oil on hardboard panel
work in progress | oil on hardboard panel

From the looks of this picture, she seriously needs some more color in her. but I’m not sure how close this is to the real world colors… Oh so very slightly off. Perhaps. This is what’s on my easel right now. Trying to finish it up. Not really in the mood for working… but, I’ve got to do something. Otherwise, I will have spent half my day just dilly dallying on through my blogs.. or something. I also played with acrylic earlier, but later stopped after I smacked my forehead and said ‘what the heck am i doing?’