But only because I can tell it anything,. with the right setting on it.

These imports used to be my life. So this place now carries quite a large junk of my older selves. So, retrieving these lost pages from this thing to me is, i suppose in a way, special. It’s something I had forgotten. That the words here were in a way so honest, so naive, and amusing to me now. Thats for sure.  I fell connected to who I’ve been in the past., and with my growth. A sense of what the world is. Just a series of moments, passing you by. What do you do with those moments? How do you accept the totality of moments you have inside the archives of your brain. And that writing is not as pointless as I once thought. It is an essential thing, for one’s sanity, if not even happiness. To be connected with your own.., for of being, your own sense. to create what is and what is not, in your perspective, inside your bubble, inside the universe you create for yourself. What is this you are doing? Is this greatest day in your life, or what?

You’re alive. You are reading, you are alive. What will you do after your done doing what you’re doing? Feel at peace, feel at one with the world and everything in it. Everything. You are what you want to be, you are your everything. And you are  nothing. Nothing to those who don’t know you, nothing to the places you’ve never been to. You are nothing when you zoom out of this planet, see from afar the oceans and the land on Earth, zoom out more and earth is just another star, along with all the other stars.


Inside a galaxy.


In the universe.


We are what we are to us. Really gotta do good. Focus on what is important to you. Try your best to do everything else good too. Be a good person. a good daughter, son, sister or brother. be a good friend. Be what you want to world to have more of. Be it all.




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