Handmade Dolls

sometimes I make dolls. Mostly for fun.

I made these two a couple years ago, They are currently hanging out on a little red corner shelf I have. They’re also listed in my shop. I have another in the works right now, I started her earlier this year. I hope to finish her, sometime coming up. She is quite cute. And will have a higher quality paint job, than these. Since there is a few years of age difference. Do you like them? I like the colors that they represent together as a team. Maybe I could continue working on these, and make them a team, make them friends, and sell them as a couple of gals together. I have intended to make purses for all my upcoming dolls, or at least more often. So maybe I’ll finish one up, and see if they match. I have started importing posts from my old xanga account. It is such a trip. I can’t tell you where it is though. It’s my secret blog. This here, is my art blog! Back to basics. the first two places where, I was truest to myself, before anything ever started. ..I mean places where I was posting before i had even decided I would paint for a living. So it’s crazy. for me. to me. It’s ok.


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