E Pluribus Unum

E Pluribus Unum (F)

So I’ve been writing in my blogger recently. My first one. Believe it or not, I have made at least 4 different blogs on there. This one has a post from 2005, this one I’m using I mean. Herbrokeneyeball.blogspot.com
My hands are quite cold. I’m wearting socks. and I may have my visitor visiting. Not sure. I want this blog to speak to my future. I want it to teleport me to where I am right now, every day. Every moment. I love what is there from my posts in 2007, But I wish there was so much more. That’s why quality posts are important. So it can be a fun ride back. I’ve been trying new videgames recently too. Many. They are good. It’s fun to get skills in them.
Strategy is a new favorite genre. Speaking of which, I have stopped working for the night. All that’s left is to clean up my work area up for the day. Now I will play something. I hope to work really ┬áhard, and finish so much work. So I can afford things of luxury, like anti ageing cream and chocolate. Haha.. And time to play and have fun with life. Not that painting isn’t fun and rewarding enough, it’s just hard work though. The final bits are the funnest.


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