Another New Day Every Day

ready for it. ready for it.
Three in the works. I love my view. Not now, but while I'm away from the computer and technology. I paint. My easel, my giant easel currently holding tiny paintings, compared to what it could hold. My palette, getting dirtier by the day, hardboard panel. the colors I've narrowed down to. I can mix every color from it. So I'm not missing anything. Just spend time mixing the paints I'll use for each session. I do end up with a more cohesive choice of colors on these couple paintings I've used them on. I really hope the look of it will be even and not sunken. Greatly minimizing the amount of medium I use will help with that too.
I think any time you paint just mostly straight out of the tube is good. I only use turpenoid to clean the brush in between switching colors, and leaving them in at night instead of thoroughly cleaning them each day. I really like these paintings.. I can't wait to see how they really turn out.


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