Paintings, Dolls, & Love of those things

Today I took time to work on a doll. It was Saturday, I even had a nap. I only attached the arms to her body & painted the inside of her ears pink, the pink that comes from Cadmium Red and Titanium white. I didn’t paint anything else today. But one day off isn’t bad. I’ve been posting finished paintings here recently; a couple recent ones and a few from the past few years. This also isn’t a recent picture, but it is from this year. One day, I was a bit sick, it was a Tuesday, the one when the Anti Art School sets up a model at the Lost Leaf down town, but I just couldn’t make it. I did paint though. I had just finished painting the face on this doll head, and I thought it looked nice. So that’s what I painted. On the left side you can see a part of another painting I recently finished, over a month ago or so. It’s oval, so, I’ve been lazy to finalize an image of it, but I do have it scanned. I’ll share it soon. It came out quite good I thought. It’s currently hanging at SideBar. In the picture is the doll head of the doll whose arms and ears I painted earlier this evening. I’ll share her when she’s done. I love painting in my easel box, I got it with the idea that I will only use it to paint from life. I love it.

Painting of part of a OOAK Doll to come

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