The Eye Lounge 6×6" Benefit Show

Eye lounge
A photo of it before I dropped it off.

It was a fun opening! I made it out for a short time before getting dinner after having worked all day. It was good. I think the paintings might have been being sold right off the wall!, proceeds went to Eye Lounge, and maybe when a piece sold it was replaced with a large circular sticker, it seemed like the Artists were signing them… but this is all guessing. It’d be cool if mine sold (as always, duh!), not just for a sticker replacement, but for the thought that someone might take it home to hang it somewhere for people they know to see.. Haven’t checked in though.

Working on this quick small canvas was really fun! First painting submission that I decided to go mixed media on. I think this is one of the quickest paintings I’ve ever completed. All mixed media. Starting with spray paints, dirt/random mess, then some charcoal, fixative, then oil pastel. Less than 3 hours for sure.
I really got an itch to make more of these, I want to soon. But I also got another itch since then, I’ll write more about it later (sketchbox painting with oil paint on 6×8″ canvas panel while out or at cafes). 
What I find exciting about making small paintings/small canvas sizes, is that I bet I could make a lot of them in short period of time! Especially if they are mixed media. & Even more so compared to all the time it takes to complete one single larger painting in oil. 
I do Love speedy art. Most of my first pieces of art were acrylic and ink on paper, were mostly all done in one session or so. 
It is really so so satisfying to complete a painting during the same sitting! -if not finish, at least knowing the direction it has and that you can finish it quickly after that point, is such a great feeling! 🙂  
Okay, On with the photos!

Here’s a few photos I took during the show. The Opening was on Third Friday, March. At Eye Lounge.

Note in Phoenix
A close up of my painting’s spot on the wall.

A lot of cool work was entered.

Note in Phoenix
Crowds gathered. Oh, & there’s mine!

Note in Phoenix
Those were some really cool shadows being cast.


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