A Mini Bouquet From My Garden

I picked these flowers today from my plants and garden outside.. 

I brought out the glass vase outside and clipped three different flowers.. I didn’t want to do this for a long time!, I didn’t want to dwindle down my plants from outside. but today had been a stressful day. So it was the perfect time to bring in a little beauty from outside!

i think the small white flowers might be baby’s breath or something of that sort, and the small pinks ones, are Namesia I think, and the other are miniature roses, i learned at a nursery(didnt know they existed). I got too excited with the little white ones, i just planted the seeds. the others are store bought, the Namesia at a walmart actually, and the roses from a dollar store. My mom bargain gifted me ten different plants from the dollar store, they were pretty great! the roses were the best, especially these pink/coral colored ones. and they smell beeautiful! Namesias smell the best! like nature baby powder!


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