color layers!

here, finally is a semi-good picture of my painting (not another phone picture today). & I finally started adding color. Ive realized I wont be able to finish this painting on time for the Alwun House show. The deadline/drop off/submission day is the day after tomorrow.. and thats no fun, I can’t get all the coloring done by then. it kinda sucks, ..but I’d rather spend a longer time on painting it and make it as good as i can, than rush through and get it in the show, but then it not being my best work. :\

But that’s alright, I’ll have a new painting! a print should be ready by First Friday! ..that is, actually.. if I find my way to a large scanner. I think my old school had some.. I’d be really excited if I were able to make prints of this giant[to-me] painting!
Have a good Friday! 🙂


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