Happy New Year!

I hope you’ve had an awesome start to your new year! I’d also like to thank you for continuing to read my blog. 🙂 I hope to have tons of artwork updates more often from now on, so keep an eye out!
here’s a watercolor sketch I made the other day.
I bought myself a set of watercolors finally! I love them! this is one of my first times using watercolors, closest I had come to the medium before was with using watered down acrylics (not the same at all, i found out)!
I’ll be able to work on fast drying artwork now, as well as on oils that take way longer. It feels like I have so many painting sketches/ideas just waiting to be finished! I’ll try to gather them all together some time in the next few entries.
I’m going to get back on track with my daily drawings too. Aiming for 5 a week!
Now back to work I go!


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. paintings

    Carole your new work is amazing and I love the watercolours too.

    I was wonderfing if you have had any chance to work on the pictures of Angelique, Don, and Nathan.

    Love Renee xoxo


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