In My shop Today:

original framed “Somebody’s Dream Girl”finally some new things in my shop! 🙂
this has been a long week.
not in a very bad way really. but one night I did have bad dreams about being alone and friendless, because of it woke up feeling sad of course. Good thing I dont usually have bad dreams.
but I felt better later that day.
today is the first day of the week I’m able to work! kind of, I did work monday.
I feel so tired though.. very low on energy.. Hmm.
Maybe its because I have been forgetting to take my vitamins. I think I get really low if I dont have vitamin bs in me each day.
I want to stay home relaxing tonight. But I have a dinner to go to. Atleast I get to dress up.
Even though dressing up is a little weird for me, because I dont often do it.


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