Geez, it took me forever to figure out how to make an entry..

xanga is all different now.

not sure why i came here. probably cause im procrastinating working on this very very stupid commission that i dont want to finish.. Its not even a commission.. its for free.

so dumb.. it was to get my name out there,, but I dont want to paint this.. its a headless horseman.. receiving a package, in a forest by his horse at night. Its for some ad students.


Dresden Dolls concert this friday!! WOOooo..
yes, I’m excited.

If I’m paid to do work.. I’ll do it much faster. Super speedy!.. yeah..

I made a giveaway, today is the last day. Im giving away a set of five stickers.. I get to pick the person tomorow..and make and mail stickers afterwards. Bad me for not making stickers earlier. and i finally bought a tshirt to print aldo’s tshirt design for me, and stick it on.. Sos I can wear it to a 1st Friday or something..

postponed trip to san fransisco for now. But going to Spain in August. trip to Japan still in the plans..
I make lots of goals, painting goals.
I should be more focused on them. like be sure to take a painting to a boutique place that displays art on there walls, really soon, its in tempe.. and a cool little place. 🙂
I had a goal about showing at a local art gallery in ..Mesa! ..but it closed down 😦
it was only open for like nine months.

ok, goodbye xanga…


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