Latest painting -currently untitled

Finally finished.. I feel so good that it is finished now…Its been sitting unfinished for a long time.
I’m still thinking about a tittle for this, I’ll let you know what I name it when I do.
I might be tempted later to continue working on it, but it is good right now. I like it.

and I like all the girls, but I think my favorite is the girl in pink, Because she has the cutest facial expression. Drawing their shoes was kinda fun too.In the Waiting Room
I dont want to reveal what it’s about, it’s more interesting when I let people come with their own interpretations.
Someone guessed that they were at an abortion clinic, because of the uncomfortable looks in the girl’s faces (though I’ve slightly changed them since then), and because of the bunny, ‘and we all know what bunnies do…’ I thought that was super funny!!  And it was a pretty close guess. Does anyone else have one?

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