Weekly Resolutions 2

my goals for last week didn’t go too well, I wont go into details… But for this week, I will finish up a commission I have, and get a good start on the second one.

Oh and, a note to self: I’m going to start organizing my thoughts and feelings..and ideas to form paintings more..and will sketch and think it through …and will not begin the painting until I know exactly what I want convey in my painting. No more messing around doodling and ‘trying to make something work’
but I will be finishing up a few paintings I already have started and things like that. And will be working on producing more and more dolls.

I just got a part time job, and its so weird..or upsetting even(maybe) ..that when I calculate the costs of getting there (gas) and possible money for food (like yummy wraps from quizno’s today) and ..well basically thats it, other than taxes..
I end up making around less than fifty dollars, per paycheck (being every two weeks). but the good side of this, is that I still add some ‘structure’ to my routine..and I’ll only work 3 days a week.. and its a very laid back job. but very boring, but I can even sketch while it’s not busy, and read my HI-FRUCTOSE magazine. And I get a bit of extra money..


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