Today is Friday: Weekly Resolutions and Time Capsule!

In my inbox i always find emails from Gala Darling. But i never make time to read them.. Today I opened one..and it was a really good one.
and i visited her site, and i remembered of why i subscribed to her list and why i had liked her site the first time i found it!

This is from Gala‘s email:
“Pick yourself a lovely box, write 10th April 2018 & fill it with things from the here & now. Photobooth pictures, 3D glasses from that movie you went to last week, a memory stick with your favourite songs or photos on it, a love letter or two, one of your favourite chocolate bars… anything you want. But the most important thing is that you write yourself a letter. You can say anything you want, but know that you’re writing it to yourself ten years in the future. Who will you be then? What will your life be like? Maybe you can describe that, or maybe you’d prefer to write about what your life is like right now. Make it juicy. Then seal it up & stash it in the back of your closet. No touching until 10th April 2018! Okay?”

ok, so today is the 11th..not a nice and even number like the 10th, but ill go out and buy me a nice pink shoe storage box from Michael’s and and fill it with special things..and write to future Carol about me now, and about what i expect(ed) for me in 10 years. This sounds really fun:D

On her site she also has a section with banners. Like this one here:

I like and try to set goals, though i forget sometimes, so i might use this image or a similar one.. at the beginning of each week along with the goals, or resolutions i set for that week. Im posting this now, even though it is today Friday..and not quite the beginning of the next weekyet. But..

This Week’s Resolutions: Finish at least TWO paintings that I’ve already started!
and finish a few dolls..and other things I need to get done, 


2 thoughts on “Today is Friday: Weekly Resolutions and Time Capsule!

    1. They’re due Sunday..
      I havent ‘finished’ any yet..except for the extras (finishing a few dolls).
      I feel like doing some speed paintings.. But that would take away from my time to finish up these paintings..maybe later, as a break though.


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