Day 69: painting – Not Finished.

as i was drawing this, like in the entry below, i wanted to just finish it in pencil..
But i think its much better in oil instead. and trying to render really well, in pencil..and on wood, is kinda hard i think.
but i do really want to make amazing pencil drawings..

6 thoughts on “Day 69: painting – Not Finished.

    1. thanks:)
      can i ask how long you have oil painted?..did you learn all of it during the two years you studied the Pratt Institute?
      cus..thats what im doing, trying to learn oil painting!


      1. well. i started learning during early highschool i think.
        but im a slow learner.
        theres plenty of awesome artists who learned to paint within a few years and are amazing at it! πŸ˜‰


      2. thanks for the info!
        theres also lots of artists who have studied for many many years ..but maybe they’ve probably been amazing all along. But getting to the point they are now took them years..
        That helps me be at ease with my learning pace.
        i want to accomplish so much with painting..
        I wish i could do it NOW:P
        but so far Ive been doing it for about 70 days!:)


      3. (oopsie. sorry i was logged in different on my friend’s comp.)
        wow. you are good for being in the first 70 days!
        yeah. just be petient. and keep at it. you have a good eye and good taste. this is exciting! πŸ˜€


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