Does anyone care what im up doing these days?

hehe, im kinda bored the moment…just sitting relaxing..waiting for some energy to kick in before starting my work day.. and its almost three..i accidentally slept in till 1:30.
i used to wake up 3pm on days that i didnt have class! im doing better..i get up at 10:30 or 11 MOSt of the time.
I journal on LIVEJOURAL all the time.. i keep track of my art..there.

im posting the work i do each day. most days.

so i graduated school in december. GO ME! it is so awesome to be out of school.
Im not looking for jobs in that field. I havent looked for any jobs at all.
I have a job waiting for me with my dad. It is good money..and an easy job.
My dad is dump-truck driver! hehe.
im studying and going to work with him some days, i will get my CDL.
commercial drivers lisence.
it will be fun.. i mean it will be boring.. But what average person becomes a truck driver.. Truck driver’s..haha duh..
but im a girl..kinda small… 22, and being a truck driver.. THAT IS funny!!

itll be cool to be like.. “so what did you do before you were a famous artist?” and i’ll say.. ‘for a while..i was truck driver!’

so thats that.. my work ill be doing.
so since graduating..ive been painting almost everyday. ..and im getting better about the hours i work each day.
ive begun painting in oil. almost finishing up a good painting.. its for my mom. but i will also sell prints of it..
All i do is paint… i mean.. i sit at home… watch movies… eat…. sleep… paint… play video games! Go out! ..and paint.
 It is a good time in my life.. I have it way easy.

…im working on getting good skills in oil… and get a good amount of awesome paintings done.. and submit to local galleries.
I still live at home… it gets annoying sometimes.. but it is super easy being here. i have no major worries.

some worries..(that get smaller and smaller..and easier to deal with each time they happen) ..are personal ones..
Ones like. My issue with socializing..
it is complicated to explain..and pointless.

i think this thing is on private. but i cant remember. ..the whole blog i mean.

oh yeah.. another complaint ..or worry.. Is  that it will be so much better moving out, right now i cant… cus i have no money to do it. but i need my space.. so i can paint easier.. set up a bigger studio area.. painting area. ..right now my whole living space consists of 10X11 feet of space.
bed,  Easel..paints.. liquids… sofa thingy,.. bookcase.. And a closet that is a strugle to get into.

but when im happy.. worries are not worries.


 im learning japanese now. I talk to some japanese friends.. we help eachother learn languages. I plan on visiting japan… when ive saved up money.. and when ive learned more japanese, and ..have a few friends over there that i can visit and go out with!

..also Aldo planned a trip for us.. To san fransisco! ..for marchish.. To visit all the art!!

san fransisco will be awesome.

thats about it, update on my life.


One thought on “Does anyone care what im up doing these days?

  1. A truck driver, that sounds fun. Sounds like things are going farely well for you. I’m glad to hear it. Lemme know if you’re one ofthe few of us that actually manages to find work.


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