Josh Keyes

I was reading an interview on Josh Keyes. He was talking about his process for creating new work, he said ” Like most artists, I do a lot of research…”
This meaning that its basically the thing to do. A normal thing that is done..regularly, by most artists.
I never do research to draw. I draw whatever i already know how to draw. I need to organize myself, and not just do what i already know. Will start changing that now. Research.
Heres some art by Josh Keyes:

Image Hosted by

quite amazing, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Josh Keyes

  1. congratulation

    LOL, took you long enough to figure it out 😛 he is absolutely right, research is one of the most prominent steps in the creative process.


  2. this may help.

    this are the basic steps i follow.
    research, more research, concept development (thumbnail ideas), roughs, pencil tights, execute final, adjustments, final output
    good luck,
    amazing work indeed.


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