several entries ago, i posted this drawing black and white. The one i submitted to fecalfacedotcom.
well,,after i submitted it, it turned into one of my least favorite drawings.. too bad i submitted it! i quiclky made it better i think. made it colorful with the trusty use of digital paint.

3 thoughts on “Music

  1. looks good

    It’s a wonderful drawing, rather then writing down comments in words I can’t explain i decided to draw on your drawing instead, (hope you don’t mind) this are minor adjustments

    A. your hands looks a little stiff, one way to add elegant and gracefulness to your hand is to add a little curve to the wrist area.

    Poka dot A, thats a really hard angle to draw, i actually have the wrist bending out ward not inward, don’t be afraid to used ref.

    B. your understand of surface properties are improving, i like your reflective light in that area. i love reflective light, still learning it my self
    C. small change.
    D. random stuff.

    what i like to see is your gestures of this pose, your style is really standing out, good luck.


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