I should be a superly amazing artist, who doesnt have a website or blog..or any of that.. yet still has a web presence.
like this guy, Ron Mueck.

he is superly amazing.
I want to know if these massive people..are squishy.

8 thoughts on “

  1. I’m a member of this community called jesus_lol and at first I thought this was a post from it. Upon closer inspection, I realized this was not the case.

    This… sculpture?… would be very intimidating if it weren’t for its expression.


  2. i saw one of his sculptures at a museum in cologne when i went teir with college, it was a little baby warpped in sheets, i ave no idea if it’s squishy, it looked so real that nobody dared to touch it or even come close to it, it could ave started breathing and we wouldnt even be shocked, thats how real it was. very scary, but amazing

    didn’t he alo make a sculpture of his father? i can’t remember if it was a really big one or a really small one, all i know is that it had to do with their relationship..


      1. i think it’s all very interesting.

        he was one of the few artists that i actually remember from that day.. 5 museums in a row can be a bit too much, even for me :P.

        (sorry for commenting soo much today btw! i was just extremely bored!)


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