I like mail

Gimme Your Stuff

gimme your stuff is a very cool website i found.
And i think it would be really fun to exchange items with a person in another country, through it!

Things I would Love to receive:

    I lOVE trying new tea flavors!

I love wearing navy blue, mustard yellow, and brown colors
(shirts, scarves!, tank tops, Size -(U.S.) small)

i like patterned things

 I like  yummy smelling soap bars

 i like hand made items..like little sculptures..or art, drawings or paintings!

cute small containers!
 (too keep food in or jewelry or found things)

cute toy-like things

    yummy treats to eat!! candy, food, drinks!

interesting  tea cups ..or mugs

things to burn! like insense or candles

cute and unique items!  I love collecting knick knacks and things of that sort! 😀

hand made items!


and creative things like small paintings, drawings, small toys you make, sculpture/figurines.

Things I can give are:

same things as above!

cute finds

soap bars

bath stuff

fun make-up


yummy food


things that’ll make you happy!

art and stickers i make. toy sculpture thingies.

please commet and let me know if you’d like to swap with me!! i would very much like to create a package that you would love..and receive amazing items in return! 😀

you can also email me if you want  –> nimzay_c4@hotmail.com


4 thoughts on “I like mail

  1. Hi! I got so excited when I saw my first comment on my Gimmeyourstuff entry… from you! 😀

    I would love to trade with you, drop me an email at joyce_koor@hotmail.com please!

    (I just came back from an outdoor camp, so I’m crashing into bed… would definitely do a more detailed reply tomorrow.)



  2. Let’s Swap!

    I’d love to swap with you! I am an American living in Germany, but travel all over Europe. Maybe what I can do is collect something each week over the course of a month in my travels and send you a package?


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