helloo..  i got back, finally. flight stuff took a while it was fun. I think i enjoyed the going and coming more than the ‘staying.’

but im good. Thank you for the comments. Its always nice to hear kind words.

..im fine. most of the time im fine..my mood will change and ill feel terrible..im working on keeping well. and actually i was taken to see a doctor ..over in mexico..for a physical check up. ..and he read my life. he did. he knew everything. ..well, in the end though…he gave me a less costly version of prozac.



i dont know. i havent started it yet. cus.. i did ..but i was gonna take it last night again..but stuff…and airplane and hotel..and luggage. gone. and. so..whatever.



it feels good to be here again, home.. “” phoenix. or.. Mesa. and…yup! in company of my gato.  my Feleen.. i was excited to see her.

ill be updating my blog..with art and stuff..you can check there, or i might post some here..


oh..but the medicine..i only have one month worth of it. after that..no more. which is probably good.


me, now, focus, happy, life,mmmmmmmuuuuuuuuu, breath, listen, see, smile, inside, feel, felizidad,

he told me …happiness defeats all.




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