often i think that, posting stuff online is not good.

i really want to honestly say that i do it only for myself, but posting it online gives me the thoughts of..ooh, will i get comments. its like..showing your stuff on purpose. but i like the feedback. so you know..of my dilema.. whatever that is, i post on here, sometiems. i post on my blog. i post on artuproar, i post on threethumbsupaward blog. and the website. mine. out of habit. all of those.. because i get feedback.


forget feedback.

i think, i will only update my work to my blog and some little here,…just rarely..or not as often at least.  just to not think of..the junk like..i wonder if ive gotten some feedback!



its much nicer just to do something..and have your thoughts with it alone..not with what will be thought of it..or you know.



so. hahaah.



im hungry. ah whatever… ! i could write here..about a loot of things. but there is no point in it.


i do, many unnessesary things. and it continues to seem pointless.


it is not cool.


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