aww… crap.



i wrote an entry..and i was going to upload a picture…and it froze.  


05 frogi like froggie.

me and chatree started a blog today…except, im posting for him.. cus..he wont do it himself. color studies. all of those..01 through 10. were two minutes long. including mister froggie here. with two letter G’s.

geez. fun. were gonna keep them all there.

i need to do more head studies. i like those. hmm…okay.

im sleepy. still. i guess.. i should sleep

i dont feel like sleeping.


using reference image.. they all are from references… man.. i am ..unproductive. i know..tell about it and all..but..that does me no good.


do i have a chance at getting a job out there? would suck, if i looked and looked..and..tried to find a say… modeling…and.. even ended up getting one..and then, not loving it.   okay, so if not that, then what?

i have no clue. id like to paint for a living. That, would be amazing. or..making maquetes. forever.or being an illustrator, i think that would be fun. ahh. hmm..

being a wildlife photographer would be amazing. i have no passion. do i? i do love to create…on flat surfaces. paper..and..things. i like playing with color. but..its not serious enough yet.

i need to do it more, even if its just doodles..or the studies. or the.. ‘painting’s. like this one.bluedno? not really..but you know.. its something. its practice.

but for what? its not done.

what..what skill is this..what..can i do with this? what am i really good at? where.. ?

well.. sooner or later, i will find out. ill be sure to let you know,





and, two minutes is too short. feeling dizzy.



this is great for links. elpetirrojo especialy marion peck. and she’s a girl!..reminds me, slightly of um.. of.. ray caesar  he’s amazing. i still love him… if you go to his website..he has that great new..home page..thingy..about the new show he’s in.. looks so awesome. i wonder if he’s updated it to his galleries yet. i cant wait. mark ryden is good..and zachary rossman  too.  elpetirrojo. on blogger.


no sleep. i need to fix my website, it sucks.

oooh..jencorace look at her’s. i think its a her. pretty opening page. and.. cool art too. okay.

im gonna go look at the rest of her site.. and..then i will sleep.



i want to do work like RAY CAESER. i love him. and he lives in canada.


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