I still love these girls. from japan. commercial..for some sort of soup.tarako


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  1. I really like your prrfile picture.Very nice. And to answer your question about my paintings, I don’t have any on the internet as of yet. BUT I am getting a digital camera for christmas. So around that time I can get them on here…. seems like a long way away. By the way, I totally meant to subscribe to you yesterday, but for some reason I didn’t (?) when I really thought I did. It was a major brain fart. Ok. See you later. Toodles.


  2. Hey, I wanted to let you know that there is a glitch with your name. On my subscriptions list, your name is “username”. When I clicked on it it took me to Xanga help. I think the problem may have something to do with your script for your layout. Just thought I’d let you know. TTYL.


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