bad carol model here’s a picture. for those of you who might stumble upon this mess of a page..with only letters on it.  (hmm ive written this entire entry already. so now i dont know where to put this image.haa)ooh look, and theres another.


(and now this entry looks messy)






(oh yeah..these two pictures are at two different stages..the one to the right is from today)




{real entry staaaarts,      …..NOW!}


oh man..this sucks. i started again with the modeling and sculpting. i was testing out to see what the normals look like back in maya.. but i couldnt figure out the linking..and the..i just coudltn find where to unlink..and all that


and just little things get you stuck. me stuck. oh well.


i guess i just  have to keep on with the sculpting. if worse..thing would be, that i dont figure how how to get the normals in have to ask horton on thursday. that..or..ill go over to Chatree’s and have him help me with it…if he hasnt already. he’s shown me.. but i come home..and now i found it all..but..ugh. i dont even know. just one missing thing. and…i could be so close, i just dont know it.




just dont know it.


hmm. well ..three classes gone!


i will install premiere tomroow..wednesday Day..and..add some crappy music to my crappy audio thing..and will turn in for a grade. a ‘C ‘or ‘B’. i think. i hate that class. im not going to be an audio ‘TO HELL WITH TRYING!!’ haha




that felt kinda good. sooo..anyway. then thursday night i have my modeling class..which is strange..because.ive been done with the model for a couple weeks now..but sucks because ive been so busy and caught up with all the other school crap..that i havent really been able to work on it much. i havent actually painted any textures. i havent finished any normal maps. other than the one for the head, which is the most important




i guess..technically..i can just throw some color on it and call it textured. thats the good thing. as long as i have that..ill have credit for doing it!.


but i need more. i catn just do that. but im sure i wont finish it like id ill hopefully finish it up alot more during my one week off. for break. one week. off. only one.


thatd be cool..then next quarter i get to rig him! i think. i do have a rigging class.




anyway.again. i am babling.about ..stuff i dont want to blab about. so im done.


im really too tired to type rigt now. too tired to breathe. so i think im just gonna go to sleep. get some rest


then be up tomorow to work on my stuff.




goodthing ill have my audio stuff done before thursday morning. that way i dotn have to sit there like an idiot working on it during the last day. im leaving when i turn my thing  in! yes.






this quarter was fun. i felt kinda stressed, but i think i mannaged it well. it was my first quarter with ..breathing thoughts. isnt it? i think it is. feels like it..       yeah, it is.
 was good one! im happy.  i feel at ease. i am okay, always. with ups and downs. but im great.


it went by too fast. before i knew what was happening it was gone. trully.


now its all over.




my feeelings..feel strange.  but good. im not sure. its definatly not bad.




you know..i just cant explain it.


its prety amazing. to deal with things…and not  have it matter.




heh..somehting to that effect.


i dotn realy feel like sleeping. but i am tired. and i have no energy to do anything.




i want a bowl of cornflakes. big K


i want to go on a diet. but ive no will power for it. i could do a cornflake diet. replace two meals with in the commercials. thats dumb. i wonder if it works. there’s also ..ones where you eat only bland foods for a weekend. its theres more to it. helps you loose some weight quickly. then you gain it all back..because you go back to your normal eating habbits.   unless you change them a little


wise..shall be .. ahh.




today i saw mr missal.






you probly dont read this. talking to myself. so when i say all this it makes wont know. you dont have to know. because, I know.






” have to..”  ..thats the most amazing statement ive heard..its. a very..       yes thing to say. not yes. llike yess. but..very, nice. but not..niice.  you have to alwasy have fun no matter what your doing.




”but im sure you’ll have fun”    ” have to”…so amazing.




i walked away..smiiiling. almost blushing. because..thats just.., so wonderful. things like that. mean so much. to me.




its like a life lesson. and yep. its mr missal. he’s behind it all. thats why i love him. haha.. ah. sigh. very very.




i cant remember if he said ”I” or ”you”.


i think he said ”you”




he’s so right. yes. you do. you really do.






ahh..its like..i was a moment of….pureness. so haaappy! i am so happy.




it was trully amazing.




those things. remind me, that this isnt real.








ok. i go now.




no one reads this. but if you do. it matters to writting here, matters and makes sense to me. so dont think,, a thing of it. i love it. and i speak more to myself in my mind than i type.  sometimes.  yep



{this is fun, i think ill add an image to my every entry  from now on!}(itll make me feel cool. okay) haahaa..oh man, maybe im just more tired tonight that i thought.


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