SO I guess im leaving in a litle while for mexico. maybe an hour maybe some minutes. I hope to be able to update at some internet cafe out there.


Yesterday i was happy and sad at the same time. my sculpture got kept to go into the display case. something rewarding. kinda shows that my semi-hard work pays off..or has or did.



Happy for sculpture. although I wish I could look at her right now. but hey..ill just do that when i come back.




I will update. Alteast once..i tell myself.


goodby and goodnight.




I hope I dont get fat out there. I like my current weight. I like how my mom keeps bugging me about it.




I forgot to get a hair cut. and I forgot to shave my legs.



2 thoughts on “

  1. How did his sculpture look? If it’s anything like his drawings, I’ll bet it would make your jaw drop.
    Anywho, have a good time in Mexico. Enjoy it while it lasts, because you know we’ll all be back in clas before you know it.


  2. hey chica, just poppin by unexpectedly, props! hope u have fun in mexico, its awesome at this time of year…. i should know, i’m mexican. lol =)


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